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Kevin B. Ridgway
Kevin B. Ridgway

Excited Again

It’s been a pretty exciting couple of days in Las Vegas attending React Conf 2024. Not only was it the 10th (+1) anniversary of React, but the vibes were awesome, and talking to the community was super inspiring. Both React and React Native are here for another 10 years.

React Birthday Cake

I met a lot of attendees both from here in the states, as well as abroad traveling from Sweden (Hey guys!). We all shared in our excitement of neat things demoed at React Conf. I met a lot of the kind folks who teach or work on React and React Native. I got to meet Kent C. Dodds, Dan Abramov, and many other folks. Kudos to Meta, Callstack, and the sponsers for putting on a great conference for 650+ folks. It felt small enough where you could see people and make connections, and with the one-track format makes it a much more shared experience.



Although React Compiler has been in use in production at Meta in many high traffic applications, it is still experimental for open source due to differences in tech stacks, so bugs and errors may happen at runtime in your application. (via Lauren Tan of Meta -

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Summary of My Notes

At the 2024 React Conference, I attended a series of enlightening talks that showcased the advancements and future directions of React and React Native.

The keynote by Joe Savona, an engineer on the React team at Meta, emphasized the importance of making it easy for anyone to build great user experiences. He covered the state of React, highlighting the upcoming React 19, which focuses on solving UI coordination problems through declarative, composable UI components. Notable improvements in React 19 include enhanced server rendering, suspense, hydration, and JSX enhancements.

Lauren Tan presented the state of React, noting its widespread use with over 1 billion downloads in 2023 and 1.8 million active users of React Dev Tools. She emphasized making React more accessible for beginners.

Joe Savona delved into the challenges of UI development and how React 19 addresses them. He introduced new features like declarative composable data loading and React Server Components (RSC), which allow seamless integration across client and server.

Josh, from the React team at Vercel, elaborated on server rendering and hydration improvements, emphasizing the importance of local reasoning with hooks like useEffect and portals.

Andrew Clark introduced React Actions, a new pattern for async data updates inspired by frameworks like Remix. React Actions integrate with features like streaming and selective hydration, providing a unified programming model for client and server actions.

Joe Savona and Mofei Zhang discussed the React Compiler, which optimizes components and hooks automatically, improving performance without sacrificing developer experience. The compiler enhances app speed and reduces manual memoization.

Ryan Florence from Shopify shared insights on Vanilla React and React Router, highlighting the integration of Remix with Vite and the evolution of React Router v7.

Nicola Corti updated us on the state of React Native, with notable usage by companies like Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, and Shopify. He discussed the new synchronous architecture replacing the JS Bridge with JSI, improving performance and interoperability. You can view the new Getting Started guide in the React Native docs.

Kadi Kraman from Expo detailed the capabilities of the Expo framework for React Native, which simplifies multi-platform development, native capabilities access, and builds and deployments through Expo Application Services (EAS).

Chris and Anisha from Amazon showcased extending React Native beyond mobile and desktop apps, including its application in TV interfaces and Amazon's offerings for developers. Sathya Gunasekaran and Mofei gave a deep dive into the React Compiler, explaining its design principles and how it optimizes declarative UI.

Kent C. Dodds built a framework with React Server Components (RSC), demonstrating the power of server-driven UI and the potential of RSC in modern development.

Lee Robinson's talk on React Rhythm & Blues focused on incremental adoption, composability, and common abstractions in React development.

Aurora Walberg Scharff enhanced forms with React Server, showing practical applications with Next.js and Prisma.

The conference concluded with a session on the future of React, emphasizing cross-platform development and aligning React Native with web standards. The React team highlighted ongoing efforts to unify React and React Native, improve performance, and make significant strides in developer experience.

Overall, the conference was a comprehensive exploration of React's current capabilities and future potential, leaving attendees excited for the advancements in React 19 and beyond.

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React Conf 2024 Videos

I outlined here the videos and some of the talks for convenience.

Day 1

Day 2

Looking forward to attending the next React Conf! If you find any omissions or mistakes in this post, feel free to hit me up on Twitter (yes I still call it that. Sigh.), or LinkedIn. Or if you just want to connect! 👋