Projects I've worked on...

Various professional and side projects that I’ve worked on.


A newsletter about practical AI for software engineers trying to figure it out.

Tech: StableDiffusion, HuggingFace, OpenAI, ChatGPT

Random Quotes

Rust app that displays a new quote every time you open a terminal.

Tech: Rust


A web-based application that was reshaping the experience of gathering around NFTs. Built end-to-end features for this dApp on Solana blockchain, including re-vamped onboarding experience, multi-wallet integration, following individual wallets in your feed, and more.

Tech: Node.js, PostgreSQL, Fastify, Blockchain, TailwindCSS, MUI, Redis, AWS, Heroku

🌈 TailwindCSS Now

A bash script that gets you developing in TailwindCSS in under eight seconds!

Tech: Bash


A CLI tool that plays songs on loop so you can get in the zone

Tech: Rust

PS5 News Today

Content site of curated news on Sony's latest console.

Tech: Next.js, React, Tailwind CSS, Airtable

Indie Hackers Alfred Workflow

An Alfred workflow for seeing posts.

Tech: Node.js

Electron Fresh

Modified electron theme for VSCode with more visible line highlighting.

Tech: VSCode, Node.js

The Rise of Frontend Engineering - Podcast

A weekly podcast for Frontend Engineers interested in getting better at their craft hosted by myself.

Tech: Hexo, Garageband, Node.js, AWS S3

The Rise of Frontend Engineering - Site

A blog/site where I captured all the exciting things happening in Frontend Engineering.

Tech: Hexo, Markdown, Node.js